State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Forestry Innovative Research Centre"

Automated system "Fire"

The main goal of the implementation of the software product is to create a single electronic database of forest fires, to ensure effective automation of data entry and data processing, and the ability to monitor the situation with forest fires.
The task of the software product "Fire" automated system is to automate and optimize the recording and transmission of information about forest fires, keeping records of forest fires with their visualization on the map and the ability to track the course of the fire.

Functional capabilities of the software product "Fire" automated system
Entering data about the fire in the register
    1. General data on fire detection:
  • Region
  • Permanent forest user
  • Forestry
  • Time and date of fire detection
  • Discovered by whom
  • Area
    2. Localization of the fire:
  • State of the fire
  • Total area, ha
  • Area, including riding area, ha
  • Description
    3. Information on fire extinguishing:
  • Time and date of arrival of fire extinguishing agents
  • Head of extinguishing
    4. Work on fire:
    Use of the system by the operational firefighting headquarters to coordinate the actions of the units involved (including their own forces, emergency services, volunteers, etc.)
    It provides for the entry of the appropriate values of the number of people/equipment working on the fire from each department (State Agency, Divisions of the State Emergency Service, other departments),namely:
  • People
  • Techniques
  • Time and date of last update
    5. Place of fire:
    The location of the fire can be entered in two ways:
  • By choosing a quarter and department
  • By displaying the location of the fire on the map using the appropriate geometry.
Work with fire
    1. Current status:
  • The bookmark is view-only and contains information corresponding to the most recent (current) fire activity.
  • When creating a new "Fire", the bookmark is filled automatically after the user saves the information of the "Add fire" window
    2. Actions:
  • The tab is used for the user to fill in and view information on the actions taken during the occurrence or subsequent extinguishing of a fire (including the location of the fire on the map)
Fire search in the fire register
The location of the fire on the map
Displaying the fire information window on the map
Display of fire hazard classes of land plots of the forest fund on the map
Display of data on the state of the forest fire on the map
Information about fires based on satellite data (DZZ)
Displays an operational notification about a possible fire of the corresponding forest user (by territory)
Formation of a register of probable fires based on satellite data (DZZ)
Notification of responsible persons regarding the fire and its development


  • The bookmark is necessary for viewing information about fire status messages sent to mailboxes of responsible persons
    Currently, the bookmark is under development, the implementation of the function is planned for the next Software release

    Priorities and advantages of the software product "Fire" automated system
    • A single electronic database of forest fires.
    • Openness to the public in terms of accounting for forest fires.
    • Control of entered data at various stages of extinguishing a forest fire.
    • Ability to monitor the progress of forest fires.
    • Visualization of forest fires on the map.
    • Security of the information storage system.
    • Ability to generate electronic reports.
    • Reduction of paper media.
    • Obtaining operational information about the current state, dynamics and duration of fires based on data (DZZ);.
    • Prompt notification of a possible fire of the corresponding forest user (by territory) based on satellite data (DZZ).
    • The possibility of identifying potentially dangerous areas of the forest fund (occurrence of forest fires) based on analysis and forecasting through the imposition of a number of factors: the class of danger, methods of clearing forest cuts, lack of precipitation, the proximity of motor vehicle routes and routes for the removal of wood, etc.
    • Conducting an analysis to assess the state of fire safety in the forest, forecasting the situation and developing preventive measures for the preservation of forest plantations and material values.